Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bryer's Surgery

Like any good challenge, God has prepared us for this one.  The plans I had prepared for this week were not the same ones God had prepared.  (yet again) Someday maybe I'll be in tune enough with Him.  Or maybe He just needs me to move my feet so that He can tweak my plans as needed.  
(A big thanks to my mom and friends for holding down the fort while we take care of Bryer!)

We had hoped to fly out of the nearest airport, but of course that would be way too easy.  Instead, we got to drive a little bit and start our trip off officially with a family that has been such a huge support for us.  These kids are amazing - contributing their own money from their piggy banks to help Bryer.  They showed me their poster and their family goals to Wake Up and Be Different.  As I write with tears in my eyes, I wonder how I ever thought that flying out of the closest airport was 'easier' than seeing these faces as we start our journey.  They couldn't wait to see the infamous Bryer in real life, in their house!  I'm so glad Heavenly Father knows what we need before we do.  If we stop worrying about our best laid plans being changed, then our eyes are open to so many tender mercies.  

I worried that her ears would bother her on the plane, but in true Bryer style, she giggled through the take off and landings.

Of course music is essential during this journey!  

What a way to ride! They had to duck under all the signs at the airport.  

We made it to the Dortches for our first night in Texas.  We were blessed to be friends of theirs while we were going to school as poor college students and served together at church.  They were ready with a chef-made meal, a house full of family, and a wonderful spirit.  Bryer waited until the last hours to make good friends with Joanne - after she gave her a Barbie.  (She has hardly put it down since.)  Thank you Dortches for your wonderful hospitality!  

Bryer's first offical meeting with Dr. Yngve!  She got her last look at the brace she will wear for 3 months.  We thought maybe she would have to wear it during daytime hours and sleep in a seperate wedge, but Dr. Yngve broke the news to us that this is a 24 hour a day brace for 3 straight months.  (I'm starting to think that August 13 should be the Wake Up and Be Different day since that's when she will really feel what her new body is like!)  

We swam for about 2 hours, soaking it all in before she wakes up in a brace for 3 months.  No swimming this summer for Miss B!  

Pre-op check ups and paperwork... followed by lots of waiting (and more singing and dancing).

This angel brought us lunch and arranged dinners for the next 2 nights while we are in the hospital!  I'm amazed by the tender mercies God has had in store for us.  The distance from Idaho to Texas is no bounds for God's hand.  Chandra is a friend of my cousin Blake.  Chandra's husband is going to med school here and has done rounds with Bryer's doctor!  

This is the song that has become Bryer's favorite this past week, and she listened to it over and over this morning.  

She's prepped and ready to go.  
Treatment plan: lengthening in her heel chords, lengthening and alcohol blocks in her groin, and an osteotomy to build up her hip bone around the hip socket.  The doctor decided this morning to also add alcohol blocks to her elbows to help with range of motion.  She'll have to learn that she can reach farther without pain now.  

The Texas humidity has been good for our curls.  
Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts, pictures, goals, and love.  Before the doctor left us, I shook his hand and told him he had a whole lot of people praying for him today.  

Ready to Wake Up and Be Different!  

Update:  The doctor just came to tell us that everything went really well.  It was only about 4 hours instead of 5 1/2.  He said he just loved to see her little feet go right into perfect flat position into the casts she will wear for 4 weeks.  (Check out the 2nd picture above with her ballarina toes.)  We're headed back to see her as soon as they give us the go-ahead.  Thank you for your prayers during this next step of recovery.  We feel very blessed to have you with us for support!  


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  2. So happy for you. Her smiles shine with the light of Christ ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Did anyone ever look into whether or not the skull fracture could have been caused by the intubation procedure in the small hospital?